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Taking Wing Stewardship, a local 501c3 non-profit organization, is the premier vehicle for perpetuating hunting, fishing, and nature-oriented outdoor traditions among people of all generations through our quality outdoor education programs which include skills training, practical hands-on-experience, and leadership development.



Taking Wing Stewardship seeks to inspire young people by providing them with opportunities to interact with the natural elements of their world so they can preserve it for generations to come. 

Tomorrows Leaders


Taking Wing Stewardship is committed to offering young people the opportunities to learn the skills involved in hunting, fishing, and outdoor lore so that they may become the conservation leaders of tomorrow. 



Learn about nature, ecology, survival skills, and how to enjoy our planet's natural environment. 



Work on outdoor skills such as soil and water conservation, habitat development, and responsible behaviors. 



Lead other young people to develop an appreciation for nature and safe outdoor sporting activities. 

5th Annual "IRON MAN" Sporting Clay Invitational

5th Annual "IRON MAN"

Sporting Clay Invitational at Woodfire

August 23, 2019 9am

Event & Registration Details Below

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5th Annual Iron Man Invitational 2019 (pdf)


IRON MAN - Course Sponsor

IRON MAN - Game Sponsor

IRON MAN- 6 Man Team Sponsor

IRON MAN - Individual Shooter

IRON MAN - Chance at winning 5 different guns

IRON MAN - Boxes of shells

IRON MAN - Unlimited games & chances at prizes

How to Help

Your monetary contributions to Taking Wing Stewardship help us fulfill our promise of creating leaders of tomorrow who hold a strong awareness of Earth's natural environment amount young people.  Donations are designated to cover expenses such as educational materials, equipment, printing costs, mailing, and general expenses.  With your financial support Taking Wing Stewardship can continue to offer young people educational programs so they may become the conservation leaders of tomorrow.


Taking Wing Stewardship is a non-stock tax exempt 501c3 organization.  Donations are fully tax deductible to the extent that no benefits are received in exchange for the gift.  Donations to Taking Wing Stewardship will be utilized for the sole purpose of Taking Wing Stewardship.  Please contact your tax advisor.

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